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How to pay school fees online

posted by:   | 06-06-2018

learn how to pay school fees online Paying of school fees has never been easy. The stress of going to queue up in the bank to make school fees payment or queuing up at the ATM channel to withdraw money to make cash payment or making transfer payment has not been easy. It is a stressful, slow and clumsy process both for the Student/Guardian and the School.

Smart School Pay (SSPay) is a payment solution that solves these issues with ease. It provides a solution that enables the Student/Guardian to make school fees payment or other related school fees from the comfort of their home, anywhere and at anytime.


Pay school fees online in Nigeria Payments can be made with cards or directly from your bank accounts. To be able to make payments, you can either use AccessPay (learn more about AccessPay) or InstantPay (learn more about InstantPay). For questions or enquiries, you can contact our support team via:

Call: (+234) 070-5439-4854
WhatsApp: (+234) 070-5439-4854.

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