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How to pay staff salaries Online

posted by: Smart School Pay   | 02-06-2018

learn how to pay tuition fees online Paying of salaries has never been easy. The stress of withdrawing cash from the bank to pay salaries or the filling of forms to give to the bank to make transfer to staff account is a slow and clumsy process. Take the bank scenario for instance, payment may be delayed due to a number of different factors, such as the number of work the bank staff need to do or there might be problem with network or more still, there was a problem with the form you completed and that means a payment was not made.

Smart School Pay (SSPay) provides an easy way to solve this issue at your comfort, anywhere and at anytime. It provides a solution that enables the Bursar/Business Owner to make salary payment with just a click.


Payments can be made with ATM cards or directly from your Bank account. To be able to make payments, you must have registered a school account with and have completed all that is required to make payments. If you have not, follow the instructions below. For questions or enquiries, you can contact our support team using the contact page.


1. Create A User Account With Smart School Pay.

  • Log on to the web address, click on register.
  • Click to create a School account and a registration form will load up,
  • Fill in your details correctly and click on register. A confirmation mail will be sent to the email you used in registering on the Smart School Pay website.
  • Login to your email and locate the mail sent from Smart School Pay,
  • Click on the verification button and you will be redirected to your browser or paste the verification link in your address bar on your browser. Once successful, your user account should be functional.

2. Create A Staff Category (Designation).

  • Log in to your user account on Smart School Pay with your registered email and password.
  • Click on Salary, select Salary Setup to create default payment categories (Designation) for your staff,
  • Click on Create Category, fill the fields (Designation title, expected salary, expected tax and expected contribution) accordingly and click on Create to save the category.
Note: You can create as much designation as necessary.

3. Create A Staff Payment Profile.

  • Click on Salary and select Salary Profile to setup a payment profile for your staff.
  • Click on Create Profile, fill the fields (Staff title, surname, middle name, first name, phone, email (optional), category (designation), bank name, bank account name and bank account number),
  • Click on Create to finish saving the staff profile.
Note: The email field is optional.

4. Deposit Salary into your SSPay Account.

  • Click on Salary and select Deposit Salary to deposit the salary you want to pay into your SSPay Account (salaries are first deposited into your SSPay account to make payment of salaries seamless).
  • Click on New Deposit, enter a title (e.g December Salary 2017) and the amount you want to deposit,
  • Click on Deposit to proceed, on the invoice that loads up, click on Deposit
  • Enter your card (debit/credit card) details or your bank account details to make deposit.
  • A payment notification will be sent to you on successful deposit.
Note: There is a transaction fee of ₦2, 100 for each deposit.

2. Pay Staff Salaries.

  • Click on Salary and select Pay Salary to make payments.
  • Click on Create Salary, on the form that popup, enter a name to remember the salary you are working on (e.g January 2018),
  • Click on Create to finish saving the salary name.
  • Next, click on Pay Now against the salary you just created, the page that loads up will show the list of staff registered that you are to pay.
  • Click on Continue to proceed if you are satisfied with the total amount to be paid, cross-check the amount against each staff on the next page that loads up.
  • Click on Pay to make payments when you are satified with the numbers.
  • A notification will be sent on successful payment.
Note: You can print the payment schedule.

That's all. Yes! you are just a click away from your salaries worries.

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