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How to pay school fees with ATM Cards

posted by: Smart School Pay   | 02-01-2018

Pay from your Bank Account Smart School Pay have incoporated support for the payments of school fees, school staff salaries and any related fees with debit/credit cards. Smart School Pay supports all card types in Nigeria. Payment with cards on the SSPay platform follows the industry standard and it is secured.


To make payments with cards, you need your debit/credit Card Number, Card Expiry Date and Card CVV Number (The CVV number can be found at the back of your debit/credit card) and the Phone Number that was registered against the account during the opening of the account.

To be able to make payments, you can either use AccessPay (learn more about AccessPay) or InstantPay (learn more about InstantPay).


  • After selecting details as per the payment type (AccessPay/InstantPay)
  • Fill the necessary fields as indicated during pay, then
  • Navigate to the payment page and choose Pay with Card option.
  • Fill in the payment form as follows; credit card number, credit card expiry date (MM/YYYY) and your CVV2 number (This is the last 3 digits found at the back of your credit card). Once done,
  • Click on Pay, a six digits soft token pin will be sent to the phone number or email you used while registering with your bank.
  • Input the soft token pin in the box provided and click on Proceed
  • A successful dialog box should pop up if the payment is successful.

That's all, it as easy as ever.

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